Baridown is a small retirement farm offering individualized care to limited size herd groups.

New retirees are eased out onto pasture over several weeks, observed and then placed with an appropriate small group depending on their personalities, age and condition.

Each pasture has adequate shelter as well as groves of shade trees. Horses wear owner supplied fly masks and winter blankets when needed. During inclement weather horses are brought inside. The 12 X 12 stalls are bedded with shavings and have excellent ventilation.

All horses are bathed and groomed as needed. It is my goal to offer quality care to your horse, treating your horse as if he were my own, without exorbitant expense to you. I have an excellent, very long standing (23 years) relationship with Dr. Jim Hamilton from Southern Pines Equine Associates. Minor injuries are treated here often with a phone consult to Dr. Hamilton. The farm keeps a supply of often used items on hand for this reason.


Board at Baridown Farm is $450/ month due on the first of every month. Board Includes feed and local fescue hay,(specialty hays would be owner supplied). Previous boarding barn references are required.


Owners establish an account with Southern Pines Equine Associates with their credit card on file. Routine twice yearly vaccines, fecals, yearly dewormer and split farm call are billed to each owner, herd discount is applied. All horses are on the same vaccine schedule and protocol. One coggins is taken each year (from a different horse each year), with a closed herd there is no need to test every horse every year. Horses over the age of 20 are tested for Cushings, if needed, proper medication is owner supplied and happily given at no extra charge. Horses are dewormed annually with Quest. Fecals are done twice a year and horses requiring additional deworming are done. I have a $250 discretionary allowance for vet expenses, beyond that, owner's permission and input are needed. Horses are held for veterinary care at no additional charge. Veterinary references are required.


Farrier is $35/trim. Owners pay me annually for 6 trims, I write out a check to Benny Howard, farrier. Horses here are barefoot (unless orthopedically necessary for shoes) and are trimmed every 8 weeks. Horses are held for trims at no additional cost. Cost for shoes, if needed, would be determined.


Owner supplied supplements and/or medications are happily given at no additional cost.


Special attention is paid to the changing nutritional needs of retirees here as they age. Feeds are individualized ranging from a ration extender for those easy keepers who live on air, to a wet mash for those who may have teeth below gum. Body condition determines the protocol.

If you have any questions at all, no matter what they are, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to answer your questions or discuss your horse's needs I also well understand the emotional nature of retiring your horse, you need to feel right about it. I love what I do.

Thank you for visiting.