Baridown Farm
When it's time to retire your horse you don't want to place him in a commercial pasture paying top dollar. Icy snow storms and cold Northern climates aren't the answer either. You want to reward the horse that has given his all for you all these years as you would reward a faithful employee. Retire your horse in North Carolina horse country, Baridown Farm.
Baridown Farm, located in Pittsboro, NC, offers a year round mild climate, one your pensioner will thrive in. With plentiful pasture land your retiree will find healthy contentment in a natural environment with other horses where he will be able to just be a horse. Baridown Farm is an ideal setting for any horse. With over 30 years experience in horse care and management Baridown Farm offers tender loving care and individual attention to your retiree in your absence.
Special attention is paid to the changing nutritional needs of your horse as he ages with programs tailored to meet his needs. You can feel confident your horse is receiving the best care and attention possible. We limit the herd size to insure maximum individual care. Visitors are always welcomed, please call ahead to let us know you are coming.